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Hunger Games Installion

The BukkitGames | A HungerGames plugin

by ftbastler 



The BukkitGames brings a kind of game like the "The HungerGames" (by Suzanne Collins) on your server! There has to be no OP online. The plugin runs the game by itself.


Check out those server to test the plugin! 
IP: hg.mooshroom.net 
IP: hg.gameplayerhd.com


  • automatical plugin - no admin needs to be on
  • kits - start up with a small set of tools
  • admin support - admins can play the game or be a gamemaker
  • worldborder - configurable world size (radius around spawn)
  • permissions - create kits for certain players
  • compass - track the closest player
  • website - show the status of your server and buy vip kits
  • webstats - database supported web statistics
  • maps - play on your custom maps or generate a random one
  • chat - HUD chat system
  • feast - configurable items in each chest
  • cornucopia - generate a cornucopia with chests
  • reward - reward players with coins. More information here
  • spectators - watch other players killing each other (not recommended to use!)

Plugin Setup


You can watch this video(outdated).

  • Download and install the plugin as normal
  • Download and install the RemoteToolKit or MultiCraft on your server
  • Download and install a permissions plugin (we recommend to use PEX)
  • Start the server (new files get generated)
  • Configurate the created files.
  • Install optional plugins if you want




User Commands

  • /kit - List all available kits.
  • /kit [name] - Take the specified kit.
  • /kitinfo [kitName] - Lists the items from a kit.
  • /help - Display useful information and help on how to play.
  • /spawn - During the waiting time, players can teleport themselves to spawn.
  • /coin - Shows the menu of this command (Reward)
  • /coin buy [kitName] - Use a Coin for Reward (Reward)
  • /coin send <player> <amount> - send other Player coins (Reward)
  • /team - shows team menu
  • /team list - lists your team members
  • /team add [player] - add a player to your team
  • /team remove [player] - removes a player from your team

Admin Commands

  • /gamemaker - Become a "GameMaker". (Invisible and invincible)
  • /start - Start the game manually.
  • /coin give <player> <amount> - give Player coins (Reward)
  • /coin take coins <player> <amount> - took coins from a Player (Reward)
  • /coin stats <player> - to see the balance of a Player (Reward)
  • /bgversion - checks if there is an update for The BukkitGames
  • /bgdownload - downloads the newest build of The BukkitGames, if there is an update! (Don't forget to reedit config files!)


  • bg.vip.* - Permission for all vip permissions.
  • bg.vip.color - Permission for the colored nametag.
  • bg.vip.full - Permission for logging in when the server is full.
  • bg.admin.* - Permission for all admin permissions.
  • bg.admin.start - Permission for the command /start.
  • bg.admin.gamemaker - Permission for the command /gamemaker.
  • bg.admin.chest - Permission for the command /chest.
  • bg.admin.rchest - Permission for the command /rchest.
  • bg.admin.editblocks - Permission for breaking/building blocks during the waiting time.
  • bg.admin.logingame - Permission for logging in during a game in progress.
  • bg.admin.full - Permission for loging in when the server is full.
  • bg.admin.color - Permission for the colored nametag.
  • bg.admin.give - Permission for the /coin give command
  • bg.admin.take - Permission for the /coin take command
  • bg.admin.stats - Permission for the /coin stats command
  • bg.admin.update - Permissions for the /bgupdate command and for login update
  • bg.admin.version - Permissions for the /bgversion command
  • bg.kit.* - Permission for all kits.
  • bg.kit.[kitName] - Permission for a certain kit.
  • bg.team - Permissions for team function!
  • bg.spectator - Permission for being a specator.


Every file comes with comments. It should be all explained there. 
Ability IDs | Enchantment IDs | Item IDs | Potion IDs

Website setup

See here.

Bugs, suggestions and questions

Please read the FAQ and the whole description on this page first. 
If your didn't get an answer, create a ticket here or (not recommended) post a comment. 
Before posting an error or submitting a ticket, check your config files here!


I want to thank the following guys:

  • _8Bit, who tested the plugin and optimized it
  • Reil, who gave me the inspiration for the WorldBorder
  • MooshroomNET, who hosts the server and helps me with everything
  • Konerak, who helped me with the php and MySQL coding
  • Nisovin, for the IconMenu (ItemMenu)
  • Galodystic, who keeps the plugin up-to-date and helps me coding


No PayPal account, yet. Please come back later.


View source. (All rights reserved.) 

Project sponsored by

Mooshroom.net provides hosting and server solutions for Minecraft players across the globe.


We deny any usage of this plugin, any other mods related to it, or it's source code to the person behind the username "Speaw". This is our reaction against his commercial use of the plugin. 
Remember: BukkitGames is and will continue to be free! Please report any websites with commercial use of it.


Usage on own risk, no warranties. Do not modify the code, do not redistribute, do not copy, and do not use for commercial purposes! Neither direct nor indirect! 
Exception: We allow server owners to sell "kit packages". Custom abilities are not allowed to be sold, but can be offered for free. (Donations for these are ok.)

BukkitGames will auto-update itself, when you type a certain command. If you don't want to use this feature, disable it in the config.yml.
This plugin also sends general information about your server to "mcstats.org". If you want to know, what kind of information that is, click the banner. 

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