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Rewards FAQs | Rewards Catalog | Daily Points Contest

Welcome to Allkeyshop’s Rewards Program! Start earning points today to get your
games for free!

Check out your earning options here:


Please connect to apply coupon


300 Points

Connect with:



300 Points

Limit : Once per day (Reset at midnight – Paris, France TimeZone)


Facebook Share • Google Share • twitter Share

(300 points per link; you can only earn the points once)


Approved Comment : 300 (Content Author : 300)

Comment Marked SPAM : -600 (Content Author : -300)

Trashed / Unapproved Comments : -300 (Content Author : -300)

Limit per post : 3 (The number of comments per post that grants points to the comment author)

Limit per day : 3 (Number of comments per day that grants points)


YOUR AFFILIATE LINK : http://www.allkeyshop.com/?mref=

Referring Visitors : 10 points

The number of referrals each member can make per day : 10 people

Referring Signups : 100 points

Visitors who have Cookies disabled will not be awarded with points


Earn more points daily by joining our DAILY POINTS GIVEAWAY in our blog.


Join our daily points giveaways in our Social Network Pages

Facebook – GooglePlus – Twitter


Game walk-throughs, cheats, gameplays tips and tricks, or an instructional video about our
Rewards Program.

With narration = 10,000 Points

Without Narration = 5,000 Points

Upload your video in your YouTube channel and send the video URL
via email: allkeyshoprewards@gmail.com

For more information, please read our FAQs


On Invitation ( allkeyshoprewards@gmail.com )

Valid post : 5000 points Every comment on your post : 300 points


Promote us by using the following forum signatures:

Send us the URL of the post where you used the forum signature via email: allkeyshoprewards@gmail.com

Amount of points will depend on the quality of the website/forum where you posted the forum signatures on


When you check out a game’s page on our site and you see that the link to the store is
not working and/or if it’s incorrect (redirects to the wrong page, shows incorrect region,
or edition) send us a message about it via email and we will reward you for that

(Our team will review this first. Only verified reports will be rewarded with points).

Please send the following details to us:
1. Name of the Game + URL of the page from our site
2. Name of the store + Link to their site
3. Description
example: This store’s link is not working; The URL is incorrect;
The region is supposed to be US but it says Europe

Send the information to: allkeyshoprewards@gmail.com

500 Points = for every valid report


Visit the Allkeyshop Forum

Create a new topic/reply to earn 300 Points per Topic (max. of 3 topics/reply per day)

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